A new classification added in the summer of 2006, labeling any Tequila aged more than 3 years, an “Extra Añejo”. With this extended amount of aging, the Tequila becomes much darker, more of a Mahogany color. These Extra Añejo’s are extremely smooth and complex.

Arette Gran Clase
Tequila Valley. Fruit, Caramel, Mild Vanilla
Casa Noble 5 Year
Tequila Valley. Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Toasted Wood
Chinaco Extra Añejo
Gonzalez, Tamaulipas. Pepper, Caramel, Grapefruit
Corrido Extra
Los Altos. Butterscotch, Leather, Pepper
Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
Los Altos. Floral, Vanilla, Cognac-like
Don Fulano Imperial
Tequila Valley. Clove, Maple, Black Cherry
Don Julio Real
Atotonilco (Los Altos). Delicate Citrus, Agave, Caramel
El Tosoro Paradiso
Arandas (Los Altos). Agave, Oak, Cognac
Herradura Suprema
Tequila Valley. Raisins, Clove, Orange
Partida Elegante
Los Altos. Cedar, Chocolate, Cinnamon
Rey Sol
Los Altos. Ripe Fruits, Plum, Hazelnut
San Matias Gran Reserva
Los Altos. Apple Pie, Cotton Candy, Orange Peel