This is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form. It is clear and typically un-aged, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present, as well as the natural sweetness. It can be bottled directly after distillation, or stored in stainless steel tanks to settle for up to four weeks.

Arandas (Los Altos). Herbal, Fruity, Citrus Finish
Tequila Valley. Fresh, Crisp, Mild Minerality
Arette Artesanal
Tequila Valley. Cooked Agave, White Pepper, Lemon Cream
Amatitan (Tequila Valley). Earth, Lemon, Lightly Minty
Casa Noble
Tequila Valley. Delicate Spice, Medium Mint, Vegetal
Los Altos. Light Earth, Notes of Pepper, Citrus
Los Altos. Sweet, Citrus, Faintly Spicy, Warming Finish
Gonzale, Tamaulipas. Pear, Quince, Dill and Lime
Clase Azul
Los Altos. Light, Sweet, Fruity, Hint of Spice
Corazon Expresiones Artisanal Edition
Los Altos. Sweet, soft mint, eucaliptus
Pénjamo, Guanajauto. Pink Peppercorns, Spearmint, Citrus
Los Altos. Sweet, citrus, pepper
Cuervo Reserva de La Familia Plantino
Los Altos. Passionfruit, Marshmellow, Botanical
Don Fulano
Tequila Valley. Butterscotch, Olive, Citrus Finish
Don Fulano 100
Tequila Valley. Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Tropical Aroma
Dos Lunas
Tequila Valley. Vanilla Custard, Nut Brittle, Dried Fruit
El Mayor
Los Altos. Crisp, Light Pepper, Lime
El Tosoro
Arandas (Los Altos). Lime Rind, Beef Jerky, Pepper
Tequila Valley. Bright, Cooked Agave, Citrus
Tequila Valley. Tangerine, Light Spice, Distinct Clay Finish
Los Altos. Pepper, Spice, Citrus
Milagro Select Reserve
Los Altos. Herbaceous, Maple Syrup, Lime
Ocho Los Fresnos 2013
Arandas (Los Altos). Dried Fruit, Almond, Toasted Agave
Tequila Valley. Clean, Herbaceous, Light Spice
Pueblo Viejo
Los Altos. Smooth, Herbaceous, Citrus
Siembra Azul
Arandas (Los Altos). Fruit, Citrus, Mint
Siete Leguas
Atotonilco (Los Altos). Green Peppercorn, Mesquite, Cooked Agave
Arrandas (Los Altos). Fresh Agave, Pepper, Citrus
Tapatio 110
Arrandas (Los Altos). Intense Aromatics, Cinnamon, Chamomile