This is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form. It is clear and typically un-aged, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present, as well as the natural sweetness. It can be bottled directly after distillation, or stored in stainless steel tanks to settle for up to four weeks.

Downtown Location


123 TEQUILA ‣ 12

Black pepper, lemon peel, minerality

1921 ‣ 12

Arrandas, Lost Altos
Herbal, fruity, citrus finish

Arette Suave ‣ 12

Cooked agave, white pepper, lemon cream

Artenom Seleccion 1549 ‣ 14

Los altos
Pepper, citrus, tangy fruit

Artenom Seleccion 1579 ‣ 15

Los Altos
Bright, slate, fresh earth

Azunia Blanco Organic ‣ 12

Earth, lemon, lightly minty

Calle 23 ‣ 11

Los Altos
Agave, stone fruit, citrus

Calle 23 Criollo ‣ 11

Los Altos
Cooked agave, black pepper, vegetal

Casa Noble Cristal ‣ 12

Tequila Valley
Delicate spice, medium mint, vegetal

Cascahuin 48 Plata ‣ 14

Tequila Valley
Black pepper, vegetal, vanilla

Cascahuin ‣ 12

Tequila Valley
Black pepper, citrus, vanilla

Chamucos ‣ 12

Los Altos
Light earth, pepper, citrus

Chinaco ‣ 12

Pepper, quince, dill, lime

Cimarron ‣ 11

Tequila Valley
Butter, cooked agave, cinnamon

Corazon ‣ 13

Los Altos
Black pepper, earth, citrus

Corazon Exp Artisenal ‣ 15

Los Altos
Citrus, anise, green apple

Corralejo ‣ 10

Pink peppercorns, spearmint, citrus

Don Fulano Fuerte ‣ 13

Tequila Valley
Jasmine, orange blossom

Don Lorenzo ‣ 12

Tequila Valley
Spiced white pepper, sweet cooked agave

Dulce Vida ‣ 10

Los Altos
Citrus, spice, sweet agave

El Charro ‣ 10

Los Altos
Sweet orange, bright agave, floral

El Jimador ‣ 10

Tequila Valley
Earth, pepper, sweet fruit

El Mayor ‣ 10

Los Altos
Crisp, light pepper, lime

El Tesoro ‣ 12

Los Altos
Lime rind, beef jerky, pepper

Fortaleza ‣ 12

Tequila Valley
Bright cooked agave, citrus

Fortaleza Still Strength ‣ 15

Tequila Valley
Earth, rich agave, dried fruit

Fuenteseca Cosecha ‣ 17

Los Altos, Tequila Valley
Creamy, cinnamon, fruit

G4 ‣ 14

Los Altos
Grapefruit, pepper, agave

Ghost ‣ 10

Tequila Valley
Pepper, raw agave, jalapeno

Herradura Silver ‣ 11

Tequila Valley
Tangerine, light spice, clay finish

Los Arango ‣ 12

Mint, herbal, chocolate

Milagro Select ‣ 14

Los Altos
Herbaceous, maple syrup, lime

Partida ‣ 12

Tequila Valley
Clean, herbaceous, light spice

Pasote ‣ 12

Los Altos
Minerality, rain, earth, brine

Pueblo Viejo Blanco 80 ‣ 10

Los Altos
Herbacious, citrus

Revel ‣ 15

Tequila Valley
Citrus, juniper

Siembra Azul ‣ 12

Los Altos
Fruit, citrus, mint

Siembra Valles ‣ 12

Tequla Valley
Earth, citrus, peppercorn

Siembra Valles Ancestral ‣ 25

Tequla Valley
Subtle smoke, citrus pith, cilantro

Siembra Valles High Proof ‣ 13

Tequla Valley
Cooked agave, lemon, rosemary, light smoke

Siete Leguas ‣ 14

Los Altos
Peppercorn, mesquite, cooked agave

Suerte ‣ 12

Los Altos
Herbal, vegetal, melon

Tapatio ‣ 12

Los Altos
Fresh agave, pepper, citrus

Tapatio 110 ‣ 14

Los Altos
Cinnamon, tropical fruit, fresh agave

Tequila Ocho Plata Cerro Grande ‣ 14

Los Altos
Butterscotch, juicy fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon

Tequila Ocho Plata La Magueyera ‣ 14

Los Altos
Citrus, green pepper, salinity

Tepozan ‣ 13

Los Altos
Black pepper, cinnamon, cooked agave

Villa Lobos ‣ 12

Los Altos
Silky, soft citrus, pine nut

Villa Lobos Distillation Strength ‣ 16

Los Altos
Minerality, floral, cooked agave

Villa One ‣ 13

Los Altos, Tequila Valley
Herbal, butter, vanilla



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