Sotol is a distilled spirit made from the Desert Spoon or known in Spanish as sotol, a plant related to agave that grows in northern Mexico, New Mexico, and parts of Texas. It is known as the state drink of Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila.

Don Cuco Reposado
Janos, Chihuahua. Green Pepper, Lime, Oak, Tobacco
Don Cuco Tradition
Janos, Chihuahua. Spice, Smoke, Green Wood
Don Cuco Suave
Janos, Chihuahua. Leather, Roast Pepper, Pineapple Citrus
Ocho Cientos Blanco
Janos, Chihuahua. Herbaceous, Aromatic, Fruity
Ocho Cientos Reposado
Janos, Chihuahua. Fruit, Pepper, Vanilla, Caramel, Toasted Oak


Similar to mezcal, and typical to the state of Sonora, Bacanora is produced from the distillation of a variety of maguey named Agave angustifolia, and is generally cured with almonds, walnuts or pine nuts.

Cielo Rojo
Bacanora, Sonora. Soft Smoke, Herbaceous Spice, Deep Agave